Sports Injuries & Performance

Use of the BEMER for patients with torn muscles, for rehabilitation after surgery

Patient Groups: 5 patients with tears of thigh muscles
3 patients with tear of calf muscles
2 patients with tears of elbow muscles and Haematoma
5 patients with unsatisfactory improvement after torn ligament repair
Findings: For all athletes who were treated with the BEMER after surgery, the post-operative swelling and bruising disappeared before removal of the stitches. Haematomas and pain were gone. About 30 days after the surgery (after 20 uses of the BEMER) the athletes experienced full movement. Isometric contractions, which were used in combination with the BEMER therapy, very evidently stopped the muscle atrophy which usually occurs in this case.

Use of the BEMER for regeneration among performance athletes


Patient Groups: Fifteen high performance athletes from the areas of track and field and soccer, as well as several students of the Pedagogic College used the BEMER after their training periods. The intensive applicator was used in the areas of highest physical taxation. Ten athletes used the BEMER immediately after training, and 5 athletes used it the next morning.
Findings: All athletes equally testified to experiencing no fatigue. The athletes using the BEMER immediately after training did not experience soreness of muscles, and for the five athletes using the BEMER the next morning, muscle soreness went away after BEMER therapy. All athletes experienced full regeneration after the therapy.

The BEMER is very useful for rehabilitation after trauma and surgery, as well as for biological regeneration.