Respiratory Diseases

BEMER-therapy can be used to improve the circulation and to give general support to the body’s self-regulatory mechanisms. Through the following scientifically proven effects, BEMER therapy can lead to the improvement or stabilization of physical wellbeing and can contribute significantly to the support of conventional therapies:

  • Positive physiological effect on the condition of microcirculation, and increased utilisation of oxygen in the capillary tissue
  • Positive effect on the protein biosynthesis (repair proteins)
  • Improved micro-hemodynamic conditions for the first steps of immunological processes, and thereby in indirect strengthening of the body’s own defense mechanisms
  • Positive effect on the vegetative nervous system

BEMER therapy is effective method, without side effects, that can compensate for individual, unavoidable risk factors and contribute to the support of other measures. The necessary conventional and complementary measures can be sensibly supported, and side effects of medications can be diminished. Since BEMER therapy has a relaxing and harmonising effect on the autonomous nervous system and the muscles of the bronchi, it can be a significant factor in lowering the hyper-reactivity of the bronchi.

A physician’s user study under the direction of the Academy for Bioenergetics documented the effects of BEMER therapy for a total of 2031 patients. For purposes of the following excerpt, 260 cases were studied for a period of 6 weeks.

NB: is it important to note that as BEMER therapy is continued over time , the ‘no change’ percentages decrease and the ’complaint free’ percentages increase.