Treatment Study of orthopaedic symptoms with the BEMER Intensive applicator

Performed by: Dr Hans Hartling - Medical Specialist for Orthopaedics, Chiropractor & Natural Medicine

Timing: 10.11.1998 to 10.02.2000
Subjects: Women 195 Men 95
Findings: The evaluation concentrated on the degree of influence on pain, in which the pain was divided into three categories as follows: Pain at rest, Pressure pain, Pain under stress or exertion. An improvement in the function was naturally associated with the reduction in pain. Possible localised joint changes, such as swelling, bruising, etc were taken into account, also the option of parallel therapy. On occasion, parallel treatment was carried out with application of the intensive applicator and a gel (for example Gabrilen-Gel). There was however no mentionable difference in the evaluation compared with just sole treatment using the applicator. The assessment shows the individual diagnostic groups (Arthrosis, Arthritis, Epicondylitis, PHS (Cervicobrachialgia), Gonarthrosis, etc and a graphic summary of the treatment results.

The revision of more then 40 patients after an average treatment of 7 months has shown excellent results: Complaint - free in 80 – 90% of the sample. These promising results, which are well above all other conventional methods of treatment, assure the success of the BEMER therapy.