Multiple Sclerosis

Use of the BEMER for patients with multiple sclerosis

Test conducted by: Center for Sports Medicine in Tarnobrzeg, VR Poland Witold Furgal, M.D., Head of the Center for Sports Medicine

Timing: December 1999 through February 2000
Subjects: Five patients in this group
Findings: During an initial walking test of the MS patients, the maximum achievement was 30 meters (threshold of fatigue). The movement speed was measured on an electric treadmill (Jaeger), and the subjects were able to handle a speed of 2.5 to 4 km/hr. After 20 therapies with the BEMER (one per day – more was not possible due to transportation constraints), the patients were able to walk an average of 400 meters on the treadmill at the same speed. One patient (40 years old), who needed to be transported by bus at the beginning of the therapy, was able to walk the distance from her home to the sports center (2km) after one month, and also was able to perform household chores on her own again.

A recent physician multicentric user study (24.10.2003 – AFB Institute) found among 14 MS patients with treatment over just 8 weeks that 10 patients (72%) reported significant improvement from the effects of MS. AFB Report 2/00