The BEMER pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, together with other methods used in clinical medicine can positively affect the course of the illness and ease the symptoms through improving metabolic functions.

Some of the excellent results BEMER has achieved are documented in our Euro-study, which included about 300 cases of rheumatic disease. BEMER Therapy can be especially helpful through the bio-energetic and metabolic effects, which reduce inflammation and therefore lessen pain!

Further deterioration of tissue can be reduced and the regeneration of the cartilage and tissue can be stimulated through the activation of "repair proteins" (HSP70).

The positive effects of the BEMER on metabolic functions of the bone and the entire skeletal support system have been proven in several scientific examinations and the basic principles on which they work are well known:

  1. Regulation of the metabolism of minerals, especially calcium, which is of significance for the building of bone structure and proper function of muscles
  2. All-over activation of metabolism improves excretion of acids stored in the tissues, this can be further supported through diet and food supplements
  3. In addition, anti-inflammatory enzymes are activated, and the production of the already mentioned "repair proteins" is stimulated, which is of significance for the regeneration processes of several tissues
  4. Another important point is the stabilisation of the immune system, which is usually compromised during chronic inflammatory processes. The effects here are many-fold (e.g. activation of macrophages, t-lymphocytes, building of anti-bodies, and decrease of autoimmune reaction) and support the self-healing powers of the body
  5. The improved circulation is of special significance for all organ tissue, and very effective when treating muscle tension (e.g. Neck, shoulder, and joints). The improved circulation coupled to an increase in oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood (improved partial oxygen pressure) makes for significantly faster regeneration of tissue.
  6. 6)Hormonal imbalances are harmonised through central and peripheral effects, which is beneficial for overall well-being as well as metabolism in the bones.

Remissions can often occur in lupus. The patient may go for long periods without any sign of the disease and lead a normal life. However remission does not mean that constant medical attention is unnecessary. A flare up may occur which might require reintroduction of various medications, so we recommend that you continue your BEMER treatments even during a remission period.

Most BEMER users have been able to discontinue the use of anti-inflammatory medication, but we advise that it should always be done under the supervision of your practitioner.