Infant Acne

Significant results after 10 treatments

Start of treatment with BEMER-SLT

After 10 applications of BEMER-SLT treatment

Diagnosis: Infant acne, developing into Neurodermatitis
Therapy: BEMER 3000-SLT, accompanied by stomach purging
Site of application: Upper body, head area, front and back
Frequency of application: 1x daily, on 2 days per week, over a period of 5 weeks
Application parameters: 8 minutes – light intensity 10 – magnetic f field intensity 3
Therapist’s comments: The infant was initially very agitated during the treatment; starting in the 3rd week, the infant gradually becomes less agitated and appears more content. You have the impression that the therapy draws all the filth out of the skin (encrustations open up and exude pus and lymph; hairs are also released in the process).
Result: The healing process begins immediately thereafter. Despite the fact that only 10 applications were administered, the result is very satisfactory.