European Multicentric User Study

The effect of pulsed electromagnetic fields in the treatment of various symptoms

Performed by: Dr Miachaelis AFB, Dornbirn / Austria ©

Goal: Ongoing randomised pilot studies of the therapeutic effects of weak (< 50 microtesla) electromagnetic fields pulsed at extremely low frequencies.
Method: In 1159 cases the treatment comprised 2 sessions of electromagnetic BEMER 3000 flat coils stimulations each consisting of 8 minutes daily. The intensity of the electro-magnetic field was increased each week (the intensity had a minimum of 2 up to a maximum of 30 microtesla). The treatments were performed during periods of at least 4 weeks, on average 8 weeks up to a maximum of 52 weeks (recording period March 97 to October 98). 32 disease symptoms were evaluated, with patient groups of between a minimum of 10 and maximum of 128 experiments.The recreation process was carried out on the basis of general medical diagnostics for the respective disease, and transposed onto a three stage evaluation scale: complaint free, improved and unchanged. The study was carried out as a monotherapy, in which patients who had previously been unsuccessfully treated with medication continued to take these medical products. The test was purely to prove the efficacy of pulsed electromagnetic fields in patients who had participated in the therapy. The number of cases, in which medication could be dropped after therapy and the occurrence of remission, were not evaluated in this study.
Results: The BEMER application rendered the following scaled values: complaint free 61% improved 25% unchanged 15%
Note:There was no conclusive spread of results across all the various diseases. In the evaluation of "complaint free" results, these varied from minimal 10% with MS (not depicted) to a maximum of 84% for wound healing (only patients with wound healing problems). In some kinds of diseases, which were initially graded as "unchanged", a considerable beneficial effect has however been proven after a prolonged BEMER therapy.
Conclusions: The positive results observed for a multitude of symptoms indicate that the applied impulses and intensities of electromagnetic fields reveal the BEMER system would render promisingly similar results if it would be applied in large scaled randomised and placebo controlled double-blind clinical studies.