BEMER, Prostate & ED

Did you know that impaired circulation of the male reproductive organs is the main cause of low testosterone levels, prostate conditions & erectile dysfunction?

With daily BEMER use you can find fast relief and recovery from these conditions by re-establishing perfect circulation to your reproductive organs.

It is a common & unavoidable lifestyle habit for most middle-aged men to be sitting most of their day at a desk, in a car, or on a plane. Posture & pressure to the pelvic area causes a significant decrease in macro- and microcirculation of the reproductive organs resulting in reproductive impairment and/or failure.

These men are at the peak of their careers and don't have the time to exercise regularly or eat healthy foods. More often than not, they're spending their days stressed about their respective responsibilities. This lifestyle leads to inadequate blood circulation and poor cell function, often resulting in one or more chronic conditions (prostate cancer, diabetes, chronic fatique, psoriasis, arthritis, stroke).

BEMER allows men to maintain their current lifestyle habits but gain proven circulatory and immune optimisations with no side-effects. BEMER's patented signal is less intense but energetically more beneficial than the earth's magnetic field making it 100% safe for all living organisms.

Use BEMER at home, in the office, in the car or on the plane. Take it with you when you travel domestically or abroad. BEMER is the ultimate health maintenance and disease prevention system to suit your lifestyle. Easy to use and transport, BEMER fits into your routine easier than you can imagine.

Enquire today for an information presentation to learn why BEMER is your ultimate lifestyle companion.