Sports People & Teams that use BEMER

The BEMER has been implemented by various sports institutes and clinics around the world. It is used by many individual athletes and trainers, both locally and internationally.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Winfried Banzer - Institute of Sports Medicine, University of Frankfurt

“Improving microcirculation through BEMER application has a crucial effect on the fitness level and training program of sportsmen and women.”

Dr. Beat Villiger - Chief Medical Officer of Swiss Olympic Team

“The advantage of the BEMER therapy lies in its scientifically-proven effect.”

Dr. Horst Michaelis - ex-Director of the academy of Bioenergetics (Sports medicine centre) Swiss Olympic trainer development project coach

“Regeneration is a keyword in all sports disciplines, and with the improved circulation it lessens the warm up period for the athletes; leaving them with more energy for the actual Contest.”

The International Federation of Sports Medicine

Experts and researchers in the field of BEMER therapy were invited to discuss the benefits of the BEMER, as an effective tool in sports medicine, by FIMS, the International Federation of Sports Medicine, at their congress during June 2006, ahead of the Olympic Games in 2008.

The following high performance sports people & teams have a decisive advantage by using BEMER:

Swiss Olympic Team

The Swiss Olympic Team officially endorsed the BEMER and 25 BEMER therapy systems accompanied the top Swiss athletes to the Olympic games in Athens 2004 and 2008. This compliments the nine Swiss Olympic medical centres already using the BEMER. BEMER offers an advantage to all 1 400 Swiss competitive athletes who make up the team.

Trans Alp Challenge

The Bemer has also been used to great effect during the week-long Trans-Alp Mountain Bike Competition, one of the most demanding races for this sport as it leads through various alpine countries. This annual event is supported by BEMER in full co-operation with main sponsor Adidas and the response of the bikers to the Bemer support team and the BEMER therapy is overwhelmingly positive. Accidents and injuries are quite frequent during such

Cape Epic Mountain Bike Challenge

BEMER has also made a significant contribution during the Cape Epic Mountain Bike Race. During the Cape Epic, BEMER Therapy was used to treat cyclist’s exhaustion, provided regeneration and brought relief and recovery in cases of injuries and wounds. The BEMER Tent was a popular destination for the cyclists. Cyclists with broken skin, damaged joints (especially knees and wrists), broken bones, backaches and cramps were given daily BEMER treatment.

Swiss Tennis Team

You might be surprised to know that the Swiss Tennis Team use the BEMER.

A few of the Professional teams/persons that use the BEMER

Stefan Kobel and Patrick Heuscher Beach volleyball, Swiss Champion 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004
Bike Nati
David Gubser Arbon, National team member Canoe / regatta
LC Brühl Ladies Swiss 25-times champion
Daniela Meuli Davos-Dorf, Snowboard
Bennie Lindberg Winner Gigathlon 2004
Thomas Frischknecht Feldbach, Mountain Bike World Champion 2005, 3 Rank World Cup 2004
Marc Christians Leimbach, Inline, member national team
Andreas Kundert Mörschwil , 110 m hurdles, Printer, Swiss Vice & Europe champion
Christof Luginbühl Güttingen ,Inline, member national team
Pascal My Heart Grabs, North. Combination, A squad
Karin Metzler Balgach, Member National road cycling squad
Martin Laciga Kerzers , Beach volleyball
Lucas Vonlanthen St.Gallen , A squad
Pierre Hofer St.Gallen , Specialist for Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine SGSM
Brigitte Wolf Bitsch, World champion OL Season 2003
Thomas Stoll Osterfingen , Stöckli-Craft Mountain Bike
Anina Stämpfli Hindelbank, Triathlon National Team
Beni Hug Oberägeri , 2nd + 3 Rank Single Man Gigathlon'06 +'05
Kilian Fellman Winikon , Tug of War (national team member)
Alain Gloor Bubendorf , National team member Inline Speed Skating
Gaffuri Alessandro Magglingen , Swimming
Andrea Clavadetscher Vaduz, Winner 2001 RAAM (Race Across America),
Dinichert Florence Bern, modern pentathlon
Fäh Simon Romanshorn, member national team canoe / regatta
Erich Kuster St. Gallen, bike, Giant team
Luginbühl Christoph Güttingen, member inline national team, World Cup winner
Karin Metzler a member National road cycling squad
Daniela Meuli Davos village, snowboard
Stämpfli Anina Hindelbank, Triathlon National Team
Stoll Thomas Osterfingen, Stöckli-Craft Mountain Bike Team
Torah Jane Bright World Champion Half-pipe,[Aus]
Abi Bright Billabong World Junior Champion [Aus]
Laura Manuela Pesko World Champion Half-pipe [Swiss]
Paul Mentis Gold, World Games Bodybuilding Champion [Greece]Round about 6 weeks before my world championship training preparations, one of the most intense training periods for any athlete, I tore my infra spinatus muscle. My first thoughts were that I would have to terminate my preparations as the medical diagnosis was: Three weeks total rest and administration of antirheumatic and anti-phlogistic medicine. This would have effectively ruined my participation in the World Games in Japan. The situation was critical; I could not move my left arm and hence could not train anymore. As it happened, Mr Ulmer, who owned a Bemer 3000 privately, offered me the use of his Bemer 3000. At this stage of a desperate situation, I was open to “anything” and I gladly accepted the opportunity to undergo Bemer 3000 treatment. The astonishing thing was that I was able to move my left arm after only two therapy sessions and I decided to recommence my training program the very next day. I won the Gold Medal at the World Games in Japan! My winning is not due to the Bemer treatment alone, however no matter how good the training preparation, without the Bemer 3000 I would not have been able to compete at all. The advantages of improved circulation, fast regeneration from a sports injury, improved metabolism and the likely prevention of further injuries let me whole – heartedly recommend the Bemer 3000 Therapy for my own Fitness Studio. Now of course, I use the Bemer 3000 Therapy for myself regularly.
Werner Friedl Paralympic Weight lifting champion
Mick Thornton Bodybuilding Champion [Australia]
Barbara Heeb Road cycling champion [Swiss]
Robert Bartko World Champion, 2 x Olympic Gold medals Sydney 2000 [Germany]
Andrea Clavadetscher Ultra cycling champion, Winner of ‘Race across America’
Claudia Pechstein World Champion Speed skating, 5 World Records [Germany]"I believe that my use of the BEMER is very much a part of my sporting success. The use of BEMER Therapy in sport makes excellent sense.”
Günter Traub Seniors World Champion, Ice Rink Fast Course"I can assess that in contrast to other fast ice skaters in my age group, that the BEMER has substantially increased my training program."
Marc Christen Champion inline skater
Silvan Zurbriggen Champion Alpine skiing
Marco Büchel Champion Alpine skiing
Lawrence Rochat Cross country ski champion
Corinne Rey-Bellet Champion Alpine skier [Swiss]
Pascal Meinherz Nordic combined Bronze medalist [Germany]
Susi Erdmann Bobsleigh World Champion 2003
Andrea Haeussler Freestyle Skier
Michael Künzel World champion in ice rink racing, GERMANY
Davos Ice Hockey Club
SC Bern Ice Hockey
German National Men’s bobsleigh team
Italian Bobsled team, Olympic champions
Swiss National Cross Country Ski female team
Austrian Ski Federation
Swiss Olympic Team, Athens 2004
Joachim Franke German National Ice Skating coach
EHC Straubing Ice hockey club 2nd national league"We quickly assessed that the BEMER is a prime sports therapy that is a highly valued part of our team."
Nathan Baggaley 3 x World Champion K1 canoe“To keep up the pace of the gruelling training schedule I use the Bemer 3000, which assists with my rate of recovery.
Flavio Marazzi Keelboat World Champion
Jason Akermanis Brisbane Lions triple premiership player, Brownlow medalist [Australia]
FC Dynamo Dresden
FC Stuttgart "We are happy to have discovered BEMER , and we are glad this effective therapy form is no longer missing"
FC Blau Weiß FC Zurich
Roger Federer Swiss Davis Cup Tennis team, SWITZERLAND
Swiss Davis Cup Team [Switzerland]
Martin Legner Wheelchair Tennis Champion [Austria]Since June 27th, 2000, I use the BEMER mat daily. I am achieving positive results in the form of small improvements. Specifically my muscles, which atrophied after becoming a paraplegic, are getting stronger. The BEMER mat is excellent in supporting the building of muscle. The main reason, however, why the Bemer-mat accompanies me all year round to the wheelchair tennis tournaments, is the fact that I am experiencing much less nerve pain in my legs since I started using the Bemer, and therefore am more able to enjoy life. Less nerve pain for me means also a good night's sleep. Consequently, I feel much more rested in the morning, and can tackle the day's challenges with vigour.
Michael Kratochvil Doubles Champion [Swiss]
Karin Möbes World Winter Champion, Swiss champion 2005 [Swiss]"Why do I always have my BEMER in my hand luggage? Above all, after hard training or a contest it provides me with faster regeneration and prevents muscle fatigue."
Felicity Abram World and Junior champion, Australian Sprint Champion [Australia]
Benni Lindberg 2 x Gigathlon Champion
Catherine Lohri Iron woman Triathlon Champion
Roland Zwahlen Biathlon
Brigitte McMahon Olympic Gold – Sydney 2000
Olivier Bernhard Bi-world champion in duathlon, SWISS
Thomas Luethi Motorcycle GP 125cc Champion [Swiss]
Oliver Oetke Beach Volleyball“As doctor and sports person I can recommend the use of the Bemer 3000 Therapy”
Rene Marxer Liechtenstein youth master"I am highly enthusiastic and can only recommend the use of BEMER "
Javier Navarro Spanish Penta-champion in 200 meters Sprint
Heinrich Weis World champion, hammer, 1977, GERMANY
Karsten Kops World champion, hammer, 1999, GERMANY
Simone Matthes European and world champion hammer
Steffi Nerius World champion, javelin 1999, GERMANY
Markus Esser Junior world champion, hammer, 1999, GERMANY
Benni Lindberg 2 x Swiss Power Gigathlon champion
Marko Jakobs among the world bests in discus with 64 m, GERMANY
Raimund Hecht among the world bests in javelin, GERMANY
Peggy Müller Junior world champion in medium distance sprints, 1998, GER
Kersten Kielgar World champion, swimming, 1998, GER
Torsten Spanneberg Olympic champion, GER
Yvonne Achemann National Suisse champion in ice rink racing, SWISS
Martin Feigenwinter Champion in figure skating, SWISS
Austrian Paralympic Team All accompanying medical practitioners, physiotherapists and masseurs of the Paralympics team judged the Bemer 3000 therapy as a positive contribution to their team's overall condition and success. Especially in the areas of regeneration, general condition for competition and increased power availability were important success factors