Achieve 100% oxygen levels

Optimise Oxygen levels

Oxygen Partial Pressure refers to the amount of oxygen available for use in the human body. The Optimum is 96mmHg.

When a person has a low Partial Oxygen Pressure, it means that they have a low saturation of Oxygen. This means that their cells have a lack of oxygen and are not functioning optimally. When a person's Partial Oxygen Pressure drops below 96mmHg they will stand more change of developing chronic ailments and, already damaged cells will be unable to regenerate, due to a chronic lack of oxygen. If a person can keep their oxygen saturation at 100%, it will prevent chronic conditions from occurring and, in the case of already damaged cells; the cells will have sufficient oxygen to regenerate. Nowadays, chronic conditions are occurring in people at a younger age, as their oxygen saturation is low. This is due to a bad lifestyle - breathing, exercise, food, pollutants, stress etc. People with various PO2 were exposed to BEMER therapy once a day on a level 3. At the 6 week mark, every person had 100% oxygen saturation.